User adoption Liveboard

Use the User adoption Liveboard to understand how your users are interacting with ThoughtSpot, and how your user adoption changes over time.

The User adoption Liveboard contains essential information about your ThoughtSpot users and their adoption of the platform. Use this Liveboard to understand weekly active users, inactive users, top 10 adhoc searchers, popular Liveboards, and so on. You must have admin privileges to view this Liveboard.

To view this Liveboard, navigate to the Admin Console by selecting Admin from the top navigation bar. Select User adoption from the side navigation bar.

User Adoption Liveboard

You can filter the Liveboard by user from the filter bar underneath the Liveboard name.

Use this Liveboard to view and analyze information about the following topics:

  • hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly active users (DAU Last 4 Weeks, WAU Last 4 Weeks, MAU Last 4 Weeks, Weekly Active Users, Daily Active Users, Hourly Active Users)

  • number of user actions on the Liveboards and Answers in the cluster (Count of Current Liveboards, Count of Current Answers)

  • which users are most active in ThoughtSpot, and what they do (ThoughtSpot Champions Last 30 Days, Top 10 Liveboard Consumers Last 30 days, Top 10 Adhoc Searchers)

  • popular Liveboards (Popular Liveboards Last 30 Days, Top 10 Liveboards Ratio by Views, Top 10 Liveboards Ratio by Users)

  • user actions in the last month (User Actions Last 4 Weeks)

  • unused Answers and Liveboards (Abandoned Answers, Abandoned Liveboards)

  • inactive users (Inactive Users headline and table)

  • users by last login, number of Liveboard interactions, number of Search interactions, and number of days logged in during the last 6 months (User Profile)