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ThoughtSpot Cloud™ is our hosted and managed service offering. ThoughtSpot Cloud offers multiple advantages over deployment form factors that you have to manage and maintain within your own organization.

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What’s new in ThoughtSpot Cloud

January 2023

Features marked as Beta are off by default. To enable them, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

Schedule ThoughtSpot Sync

ThoughtSpot Sync schedules are now GA and on by default. When creating a sync from ThoughtSpot to an external business app (Google Sheets, Microsoft Teams, Slack), you can now schedule the sync to repeat on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. To try it out, create a sync and select Schedule your sync.

Schedule sync

ThoughtSpot Sync Salesforce connection

ThoughtSpot Sync for Salesforce is now GA and on by default. You can now sync data directly from an Answer or custom SQL view to Salesforce. Using ThoughtSpot Sync, you can push insights directly to Salesforce, notify your teams, and view data in context. ThoughtSpot Sync automatically establishes a secure pipeline to the destination app and thus eliminates the need for building custom connectors.

Select app to sync pop-up

Other features and enhancements

Multi-tenancy with Orgs

This release introduces ThoughtSpot’s multi-tenancy feature. Partition your ThoughtSpot Cloud instance into multiple completely separate environments called Orgs. Creating Orgs keeps user and object information in different Orgs completely isolated. For more information, see Multi-tenancy with Orgs.

Admins can manage all Monitor alerts

Admins can view, edit or delete Monitor alerts even if they are not the creator or subscriber of those alerts. For more information, see permissions.


The DEI Workforce Diversity SpotApp is now available. Use this SpotApp to get invaluable insight into your workforce diversity data from your HR application. For more information, see DEI Workforce Diversity SpotApp.

DEI Workforce Diversity SpotApp Liveboard

ThoughtSpot now supports multiple AWS PrivateLinks in your environment. If you have data in multiple cloud data warehouses that need an additional layer of security and network reliability, you can set up an AWS PrivateLink between each CDW, for a maximum of five PrivateLinks. For more information, see Enabling an AWS PrivateLink between ThoughtSpot Cloud and your cloud data warehouse.

Delete tables from ThoughtSpot

Previously, when deleting tables from Connections, ThoughtSpot did not delete the table’s metadata completely. Starting in, tables deleted through the ThoughtSpot UI disappear completely from your cluster.

ThoughtSpot Everywhere

For new features and enhancements introduced in this release of ThoughtSpot Everywhere, see ThoughtSpot Developer Documentation.