New home page and persona-based navigation

The home page and navigation of the ThoughtSpot app have been entirely redesigned. These features are disabled by default. To enable them, open your user profile, and in the Experience section, set the Navigation and Homepage to New experience. If you don’t see this option, it means it has been disabled for your cluster.

Your ThoughtSpot admin can enable the new navigation and home page for the cluster, in the Early access features section of the Admin page.

New home page

On the new home page, you can ask natural-language questions with Sage, track KPIs in your watchlist, access favorites, your library of Answers and Liveboards, and more.

With the new left-hand navigation, you can go directly to your Liveboards, Answers, SpotIQ Analysis, and Monitor Subscriptions. You can also access tutorials, and the ThoughtSpot documentation, and support directly from the home page.

Home page redesign

Persona-based navigation

The new global navigation organizes ThoughtSpot into different contextual sections called apps. Each one is designed for a common type of ThoughtSpot user. Within each app, there is left-hand navigation specific to that app. You navigate to each app using the app switcher app switcher icon.

App switcher


Apps organize features in the following ways:

App User Features


Business user

  • Home

    • Watchlist

    • Favorites

    • Trending

    • Library

    • Get the most ouf of ThoughtSpot

  • Liveboards

  • Answers

  • SpotIQ analysis

  • Monitor subscriptions

Data models

(Data workspace)

Data engineer

  • Worksheets and Models

  • Tables

  • Views

  • Connections

  • Sync

  • Utilities

  • Data governance

  • Liveboard verification

  • Sage feedback - Fragments

  • Sage feedback - Queries



  • Users, groups, and orgs

  • Authentication

  • System activities

  • Application settings

  • Billing



  • ThoughtSpot Embedded

Finding things in the new navigation

Trying to find something in the redesigned navigation?

Here’s a quick reference which compares where things were in the previous navigation to where they are in the redesigned navigation:

Previous location New location


Insights > Home


Insights > Answers


Insights > Liveboards


Insights > SpotIQ Analysis


Insights > Monitor Subscriptions


Data models (Data workspace)





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