ThoughtSpot mobile overview

The ThoughtSpot mobile app allows you to discover insights in seconds from billions of rows of data, right from the palm of your hand. You can access your ThoughtSpot cluster to search Answers and Liveboards.

Who uses ThoughtSpot mobile

ThoughtSpot mobile can be used by anyone who wants to connect to their ThoughtSpot cluster from a mobile client.

Use cases

Use ThoughtSpot mobile to access Answers and create or filter Liveboards.

Latest updates

Version 3.0.0 supports more features that were previously available only through the ThoughtSpot web app, including:

  • You can now use Ask Sage on mobile. Ask Sage is a conversational experience that allows you to ask simple follow-up questions on visualizations in a Liveboard using natural language. You can effortlessly gain deeper insights on your metrics.

For details, see Mobile release notes.

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