Selective Liveboard filters

The new Liveboard experience contains multiple new features and feature enhancements. It is off by default, but users can turn it on or off individually from the Experience manager panel in their profile. If you enable the new Liveboard experience in your environment, your experience may be different than the one described in this article.

When you create or view a Liveboard, you may want to filter the visualizations on the Liveboard, to only see data that is relevant to your role, for example. However, you may not want a filter to apply to every visualization in the Liveboard. For example, the head of sales in North America may want to filter most visualizations to only contain data about sales in North America, but may want to compare her sales to an unfiltered global quarterly sales metric.

You can apply Liveboard filters to specific visualizations from the Configure filters modal.

To learn more about Liveboard filters, refer to Liveboard filters and Linked Liveboard filters.

Configure selective filters

  1. Navigate to the Liveboard you would like to filter, or create a new Liveboard.

  2. Add filters to the Liveboard. To create filters for visualizations based on one Worksheet, refer to Liveboard filters. To create one filter that filters visualizations based on more than one Worksheet, refer to Linked Liveboard filters.

  3. Select the more options menu icon more 10px at the top right, and select Configure filters.

    Configure filters
  4. The Configure filter modal appears. The side menu contains every primary filter column for the Liveboard. In this case, there is only one filter: Customer region. So, Customer region is the only column in the side menu. Select the filter you would like to configure from the side menu, if there is more than one filter.

    Configure filters modal
  5. Scroll down to Applicable to. You can select the All option, or only choose certain visualizations.

    Specify filtered visualizations
  6. Select Done. ThoughtSpot applies the filter to the visualization(s) you specified.