Date filters for Answers and Liveboards

We have increased the possible range of dates you can use to filter your Answers and Liveboards. Previously, when adding a date using the filter from the side bar, users were limited to the following conditions: On (=) <date>, On or after (>=) <date>, Before (<) <date>, and Between <date> and <date>. Now, we support rolling time windows, as well as fixed date ranges.

For a complete list of the date options ThoughtSpot supports for Answers and Liveboards, see the following options:

  1. Rolling time windows. Note that in this context, s/m/h/D/W/M/Q/Y means seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/quarters/years.

    • Yesterday

    • Today

    • Tomorrow

    • This s/m/h/D/W/M/Q/Y

    • Last s/m/h/D/W/M/Q/Y

    • Next s/m/h/D/W/M/Q/Y

    • Before this/last/next s/m/h/D/W/M/Q/Y

    • After this/last/next s/m/h/D/W/M/Q/Y

    • On or after this/last/next s/m/h/D/W/M/Q/Y

    • On or before this/last/next s/m/h/D/W/M/Q/Y

    • Week to date e.g. 05/15/2023 < 05/22/2023

    • Month to date e.g. May

    • Quarter to date e.g. 04/01/2023 < 05/22/2023

    • Year to date e.g. 2023

  2. Specific calendar dates or date ranges.

    • Is between

    • Is not in between

    • Is on

    • Is not on

    • Is after

    • Is on or after

    • Is before

    • Is on or before

    • In the month and year e.g. Jan 2020

    • In the quarter and year e.g. Q1 2020

    • In the year e.g. 2020

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