Check the timezone

Learn how to check the timezone your ThoughtSpot installation is running on.

ThoughtSpot comes configured with the timezone where it is to be installed. Data is imported based on the timezone of the node from which tsload or tql is run. To see the timezone your ThoughtSpot node is running under, sign in to the server as the thoughtspot user and run the date command:

[[email protected] etc]$ date
Tue Feb 20 09:07:04 PST 2018

To see the current timezone used by the ThoughtSpot application, choose Admin  Cluster and review the Cluster Details panel. Next to Last update time, the timezones should match.

Sometimes the timezone that is listed by date is not the active timezone for the ThoughtSpot application and the application needs to be reset. If you need to change the timezone, contact ThoughtSpot Support to change the timezone for you. You may need to change the timezone if you move the server between data centers.

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