ThoughtSpot Software release life cycle

ThoughtSpot Software features go through the following stages:


Beta features are incomplete, may have bugs, and are subject to change before they reach General Availability (GA). Beta features are enabled for select customers to provide early feedback to the product team prior to GA. Beta features have minimal documentation which is also subject to change before GA.

Beta features are marked with Beta and are disabled by default. You must contact ThoughtSpot Support to enable them.

Early Access

Early Access features are complete, and available for customers to try before they reach GA, when they are enabled by default. They are supported by ThoughtSpot and documentation is available.

Early Access features are marked with Early Access and are disabled by default. You must contact your ThoughtSpot administrator to enable them.

For details on how to enable an Early Access feature, see Enable Early Access features.

General Availability

General Availability (GA) features have new or enhanced functionality that are enabled by default for all customers.


Deprecated features still exist in the product, for backward compatibility, but we plan to remove them in a later release. Deprecated features do not receive ongoing support from ThoughtSpot. For details, see Deprecation and de-support announcements.


Removed features no longer exist in the product. When you upgrade to a newer release, any workflows that rely on a removed feature no longer work. For details, see Deprecated and removed features.

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