Finding your way around

ThoughtSpot is organized into several sections to make navigation easy. You can reach them by using the menu bar.

These are the different sections in ThoughtSpot:


Select the ThoughtSpot logo to go to the application home page. At the top of the home page you can see a search bar, and several areas that show activity in ThoughtSpot.


Answers and Liveboards that you mark as favorite appear here.


When you follow a metric on a Liveboard, we track it for you, and post daily updates here.

Recently viewed

For quick access, jump to the answers and Liveboards you saw most recently.

Recently trending

[default] These are the Liveboards that other people in your organization accessed the most, recently.

All-time popular

[select option] Check out all-time popular answers and Liveboards.

The items on this page are limited to answers, Liveboards, worksheets, and other objects that you have permission to access.

Software home page

Search is where you will spend most of your time. It allows you to search and explore your data. Choose your data sources and type in the search bar at the top. As you type your search, results will appear in the main part of the screen as either a table or a chart.

To learn more about this section, visit Start a new search.


Answers are the result of a single search. You can save an answer you want to work more on later, or just keep it for your personal use. Answers are for you alone, until you share them with others.


Liveboards are collections of related search results. You can create your own Liveboard or add to an existing one. After saving a Liveboard, it can be shared with others or viewed as a slideshow. The Liveboards page shows a list of saved Liveboards. Select one to view, edit, or share it.

To learn more about Liveboards, visit About Liveboards.


If SpotIQ is enabled by your administrator, you can go here to view the status of your analysis requests to see the results.

To learn more about this section, visit About SpotIQ.


Data contains a list of data sources (tables and worksheets). These are usually loaded and managed by your administrator. However, you may be able to import a spreadsheet (Excel or CSV) here, if you have the correct privileges.

To learn more about this section, visit Data workspace.


Admin only appears if you have administrator privileges.

This section is covered in the ThoughtSpot Administrator Guide.

Help Icon

You can find information and support resources for ThoughtSpot here. There are short videos, a keyword reference, links to documentation, and other useful materials. You can also find the support contact information and software version number here.

To learn more about this section, visit More help and support.

User Icon

The user icon allows you to either view your preferences or sign out. You can also change your icon here.

To learn more about this section, visit About the user profile.

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