CentOS end-of-life announcement

This page provides the end-of-sale (EOS), and end-of-service-life (EOSL) announcement for ThoughtSpot support for CentOS 7 Linux.

ThoughtSpot ships an embedded CentOS 7 Linux with software and hardware deployments. Because RedHat plans to EOL CentOS, ThoughtSpot will EOL our CentOS-based deployments.

If you are using a CentOS-based software or hardware deployment, you must migrate using one of our supported options to continue to receive support from ThoughtSpot.

Key dates

Date Event

January 1, 2023

End-of-sale (EOS) for new CentOS-based embedded Linux deployments

March 3, 2023

End-of-renewal (EOR) for ThoughtSpot-supplied hardware appliances

December 31, 2023

End-of-service-life (EOSL) for CentOS-based software and hardware deployments

Migration options

ThoughtSpot supports the following migration paths:

Migration to ThoughtSpot Cloud SaaS

ThoughtSpot can provide Professional Services to help you migrate to ThoughtSpot Cloud SaaS. Please contact your ThoughtSpot Sales or Customer Success representative to understand professional services options for migrating to ThoughtSpot Cloud SaaS.

Migration to Bring-Your-Own-Linux (BYOL)

Please note that you will need to manage the deployment of the Linux operating system yourself using the instructions provided here:

Once the Linux installation is complete, ThoughtSpot Support can assist you with the migration of the ThoughtSpot application to the new operating system. To migrate to BYOL, please open a case with ThoughtSpot Support.

Impact to ThoughtSpot hardware appliances

If you are using a ThoughtSpot-supplied hardware appliance:

  1. Existing hardware appliance customers who have an active service contract, will continue to receive support for their hardware and ThoughtSpot application software throughout the remainder of their contract.

  2. After Dec 31st 2023, the CentOS Operating System will no longer be supported by ThoughtSpot, on the hardware appliance. Supported customers should take one of the following actions BEFORE Jan, 2024. The options below are listed in order of preference:

    1. Migrate to ThoughtSpot Cloud SaaS.

    2. Migrate to customer-owned VPC in the cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP).

    3. Migrate to customer-owned VMware on the hardware appliance.

    4. Install RHEL 8 on the hardware appliances and restore ThoughtSpot from existing deployment (See below).

  3. Hardware appliance contracts will not be renewable after March 3, 2023.

  4. Once the hardware appliance contracts expire, all hardware must be returned according to the contract policy.

Install RHEL on hardware appliance

ThoughtSpot will provide customers with RHEL installation requirements. It is the customer’s responsibility to license, install, and support RHEL on the hardware appliance. Once the installation is completed and requirements are verified by the ThoughtSpot Support team, ThoughtSpot will help install, configure, and restore the ThoughtSpot backup from the CentOS-based ThoughtSpot deployment.

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