Configure other global properties in DataFlow

Follow these steps to set up some global properties for your DataFlow instance. These include the staging directory, alternate data file paths, global timezone for scheduling updates, and the maximum parallel threads for synchronising data.

You must have administrator privileges.
  1. After logging in, select Admin on the top navigation bar.

  2. Select Server config.

  3. In the Others interface, specify these properties:

    Configre others global properties
    Staging directory

    The directory where you can store temporary files for some connection types.

    Mandatory field.

    Allowed paths for data files

    Enter a list of file paths, separated by a semicolon. The default value (path) is /home/admin/.

    Sync schedule calendar timezone

    Select the sync schedule timezone. The default is UTC(UTC+00:00)

    Mandatory field.

    Parallel sync execution count limit

    Specify the maximum parallel execution limit for syncing data.

    Mandatory field.

  4. Select Save.

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