Data Engineer

Your role is to establish connections to data. Here is how you can connect to all your data. The following list provides information about connecting to your data in supported data warehouses.

Direct connections

Amazon Athena articles
Amazon Aurora MySQL articles
Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL articles
Amazon RDS MySQL articles
Amazon RDS PostgreSQL articles
Amazon Redshift articles
Azure Synapse articles
Databricks articles
Denodo articles
Dremio articles
Google AlloyDB PostgreSQL articles
Google BigQuery articles
Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL articles
Google Cloud SQL for SQL Server articles
MySQL articles
Oracle ADW articles
PostgreSQL articles
Presto articles
SAP HANA articles
SingleStore articles
Snowflake articles
SQL Server articles
Starburst articles
Teradata articles
Trino articles

Importing data with DataFlow

DataFlow enables you to import your data into ThoughtSpot Falcon database.

DataFlow database connections
DataFlow file connections
DataFlow applications

Data modeling

Modeling, tagging, and adding links between your data sources can make the data even easier to search.

Set up custom calendars

With a custom calendar, you can choose when the year, quarter, or week starts, and search using date-related keywords.

Mobile app

Access your ThoughtSpot cluster on the ThoughtSpot mobile app to view and create answers and Liveboards.

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