Run the offline script for deployment on your own OS

After you untar the ansible tarball, but before you configure and run the ansible playbook, you must run the script on your local machine. This is only required for offline deployments of ThoughtSpot on your own OS. This script is not available if you are deploying online.

The script installs the required Yum, Python, and R packages without connecting to the internet.

Run the script on all nodes, including the optional flags as necessary. Run this command as either a root user or with sudo.

Run run_offline as a root user

Run the following command as a root user, including the optional flags as necessary.

Run run_offline with sudo

Run the following command, including the optional flags as necessary. Run this command as a non-root user with sudo permissions.


Optional flags has the following optional flags:


Skips installing R packages. This can make the installation quicker. If you specify this flag in the script, you must also set the skip_r flag in the ansible playbook.


Skips installing ansible. If you already have ansible installed, or if you run ansible on a different node separate from the ThoughtSpot installation, include this flag when you run This skips the ansible yum package installation on the node.


Verbose output.


Skips installing yum packages. Only use this flag if you are sure you already have all the required yum packages already installed.

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