Stop Word Reference

ThoughtSpot recognizes a defined list of 'helper' words; we call them stop words.

SearchIQ is in Beta.

SearchIQ is turned off by default. ThoughtSpot Support can enable it for you. SearchIQ is only available in English.

This reference lists the various stop words that ThoughtSpot recognizes as normal parts of the language (articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections). Specifically, SearchIQ uses uses stop words in its descriptive columns.

When training SearchIQ Data Optimization, we recommend training worksheets with questions that contain only the following:

  • Exact column names or their synonyms

  • Exact values (for filtering)

  • Keywords

  • Stop words

Stop words in English

A a about again against am an any are arent as at
B be because been being both but
C cant cannot could couldnt
D did didnt do does doesnt doing dont down during
E each
F few for from further
H had hadnt has hasnt have havent having he her here hers herself him himself his how
I i if in into is isnt it its itself
L let
M me mustnt my myself
N nor
O of off on once only or other ought our ours ourselves out over
S same she should shouldnt so some such
T than that the their theirs them themselves then there these they this those through to too
U under until up
V very
W was wasnt we were werent what which while whom why wont would wouldnt
Y you your yours yourself yourselves

Stop words in Other Languages

Currently, we support only English stop words.

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