Use ThoughtSpot’s Scriptability to migrate or edit Worksheets, Pinboards, and Answers in a human-readable format.

Scriptability for Answers and Pinboards is in beta. To enable Scriptable Answers and Pinboards, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

ThoughtSpot developed its own scriptable approach for exporting, enhancing, and migrating Worksheets, Pinboards, and Answers.

You can model your data and build out sophisticated dashboards in your test environment, before deploying to all users.

The Scriptability feature supports several scenarios that you may encounter:

  • Migrating from a development environment to a production environment by downloading files from the development cluster and uploading the same files into the production cluster.

  • Implementing metadata changes outside ThoughtSpot UI, such as replacing the underlying tables for an object, or replacing a single column from one table with a column in another table.

  • Making bulk changes, such as mass renaming of objects defined by Worksheets, and managing duplicates.

  • Reusing existing objects to build new objects, such as building two very similar objects based on a similar, pre-existing object.

You can download these objects in the form of a scriptable file in the ThoughtSpot Scripting Language, or TSL.

Use Scriptability to export Worksheets, Pinboards, and Answers in a human-readable format.

Starting with ThoughtSpot release 6.3, ThoughtSpot Scripting Language (TSL) is called ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML). Files from version 6.3 and later have a .tml extension. However, you can import files from 6.2.1 and earlier, with a .tsl extension, to 6.3 and later environments with no issue.

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