Fixed issues

These are the issues we fixed in recent ThoughtSpot releases.

6.2.X Releases fixed issues

  • Replay Search incorrectly shows as available when ThoughtSpot deployed in Embedded mode.

  • Style customization page is not available.

  • Clicking the Follow button enables the navigation bar when ThoughtSpot is deployed in Embedded mode.

  • Scrolling a tabular Answer causes an error.

  • Growth formula doesn’t work when using a custom calendar.

  • Geo Map intermittently displays two different charts for the same query.

  • Copy to clipboard doesn’t work in the Administration console.

  • Choosing a fact table when creating a join causes inconsistent sub-queries.

  • Row-level security does not reflect search tokens and Explore suggestions.

  • Old version of the ThoughtSpot Web UI appears for some users, after cluster upgrade.

  • Global filter on Pinboard in the ThoughtSpot Web UI doesn’t work.

  • Users can still access Data  Tables page, even though the Data tab is hidden from ThoughtSpot Web UI.

  • The time required to execute the TQL delete command increases exponentially, until it no longer works.

  • PDF export from a Pinboard in the ThoughtSpot Web UI doesn’t work.

  • The sender’s email in notifications uses the default ` instead of the `from-email configured through tscli smtp, or the email of the user who shares the Pinboard.

  • Regional German names for states in Geo Maps are not allowed.

  • In Version 80 of Google Chrome browser, ThoughtSpot Web UI displays the date shifted by one day.

  • ThoughtSpot Web app did not work with Version 80 of Google Chrome browser; cookies for pages in a ThoughtSpot cluster do not have the new SameSite attribute.

  • ThoughtSpot Web App did not work on newer versions of Microsoft Edge browser, after 5.3.

  • Pinboards with 25 or more visualizations do not work properly.

6.1.X Releases fixed issues

  • Queries time out when loading a fact table with as many as 4 billion rows.

  • SpotIQ gets stuck in a loop and is unresponsive.

  • When multiple filters are used in a worksheet, the searches fail for only specific columns in a table.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 doesn’t work with ThoughtSpot embedded in an iframe, displaying an 'access denied' JavaScript error message.

  • The time required to use TQL to delete data from fact tables increases until the delete is not successful.

  • After upgrade to 6.1, ad sync scripts fail to run.

  • Inconsistent naming of disks causes mounting to fail.

  • The Admin Console fails to load in a cluster, where it loaded before.

  • An older version of the ThoughtSpot user interface appears, even though cluster is running newer version.

  • Upgrading a cluster from 5.x release to 6.x release is unsuccessful.

  • Sender’s email displayed in notifications does not use the from-email configured in tscli smtp.

  • A large number of scheduled Pinboards slows down the Falcon database.

  • After upgrade to 5.3.2.CU1, all Pinboards using a specific variable (adp) do not work.

  • An administrator is unable to save a worksheet on the first try.

  • When using the tscli fileserver upload command to upload a file that is larger than the maximum supported file size, an error message with an incorrect maximum file size appears.

  • The tscli event list displays messages for creation, modification, and deletion that are not user friendly.

  • Sorting or filtering a column in a chart does not work.

  • The column order in the PDF of a visualization is different than the order in shown in ThoughtSpot.

  • Removing a key from a table is not possible because multiple joins for an old column cannot be detected.

  • Intermittent slow search response time.

  • Entering a search generates results from columns outside the selected data source.

  • An incorrect result is displayed when a filter is created on the Group_Max aggregation function.

  • Backup policy names are not validated to ensure they won’t cause backups to fail.

  • The headline table aggregate summary is not available when group aggregate functions are used

  • Removing a column from a search increases the number of rows shown.

  • Multiple variables cannot be added to a single map visualization.

  • Drilling down on a visualization causes the date format to change.

  • Double-clicking on the legend of a stacked column chart does not show hidden values.

  • Data load fails due to a primary key having multiple rows.

  • Filtering on a Pinboard card causes a NullPointerException error.

  • A formula with Group_Max function doesn’t work with Growth key word.

  • The confirmation message for deleting a restored cluster indicates the wrong cluster name.

  • Modifying a date filter of a Pinboard from a set date range to none, causes the filter to disappear.

  • R visualization downloads fail when exporting to PDF.

  • A Pinboard with filters cannot be saved.

  • Using a weekly date aggregation with a custom calendar, causes the days to be split at the end of the month if the month ends in the middle of the week.

  • Worksheet filters provide different answers than search filters.

  • Drilling down on a date in a custom calendar displays an incorrect epoch.

  • Menu items, including Share, Copy a Link, and Send Feedback, cannot be disabled when ThoughtSpot is embedded.

  • ThoughtSpot instances hosted in GCP have a address for eth0.

  • Keywords do not provide correct results when using a custom calendar.

  • A worksheet cannot be saved after changing a join type.

  • Top and Bottom keywords do not work on a measure with the unique_count_if formula applied.

  • Non-admin users are unable to search for a newly added column in the worksheet.

  • Colors of slices in pie chart change when you filter on the pie chart.

  • Total labels in a Stacked Bar chart do not account for negative amounts.

  • When adding a connection in Embrace, not all tables in the external database are displayed.

  • ThoughtSpot TQL does not list tables that don’t exist in the default Falcon schema.

  • The date format in a PDF is not correct for the user’s locale.

  • Various display issues with Admin Console

  • Periodic backups fail after upgrade.

  • Geo maps allow regional German names for states.

  • In ThoughtSpot clusters hosted in Azure, Log rotate does not rotate large_files.

6.0.X Releases fixed issues

  • When Copy link has been disabled, it still appears in the More menu more options menu icon of Pinboards.

  • The management console is not accessible.

  • A Pinboard with an advanced formula can be viewed by an administrator, but not by a regular user they share it wit

  • A cluster that is using a customer logo, still shows the ThoughtSpot logo on downloaded PDFs.

  • Filter values overlap and are unreadable in the filter picker.

  • Attempting to sign in using SSO causes a 500 Internal Server Error.

  • Clusters with many scheduled Pinboards cause the Falcon database to be slower than normal

  • Dates in PDFs are only displayed in the United States date format.

  • The Google Chrome 80 browser is not supported, because cookies for pages in a ThoughtSpot cluster do not have the SameSite attribute, which is required for that browser.

  • The group aggregate function does not work after upgrade to release 5.3.1.

  • A user who edits a worksheet is not able to save their changes.

  • Under certain conditions, worksheet filters provide different answers than search filters.

  • Total amounts in a stacked bar chart do not account for negative amounts.

  • Management console displays incorrect information about SSL status.

  • Management console displays incorrect information about SMTP status

  • Upgrading from release 5.2.3 to 6.0.3 causes HDFS to go into safe mode and cause missing data volumes.

  • Dates shown in the ThoughtSpot UI may be offset by one day in version 80 or later of the Google Chrome browser. Actual search results are not affected by this issue.

  • Updating a formula causes a blank screen and corrupts a worksheet when it is saved.

  • Upgrade to release 6.0.1 changes charts with a y-axis at 100% to a regular stacked column chart.

  • After upgrade to release 5.3.2, users cannot sign in using SSO.

  • Disk alerts occur when drives are functioning normally.

  • Search autocomplete occasionally displays an error when using a bulk filter.

  • In a custom calendar, sales results for individual years are correct, but are not correct when comparing those same years using versus(example: 2019 vs 2018``net sales).

  • Upgrades to a ThoughtSpot AWS deployment can cause hosts to lose their configured hostnames.

  • A yellow bar sometimes appears during search, causing search not to work.

  • Optimization does not occur in pinned measure formulas with complex aggregation, resulting in more queries than necessary.

  • After upgrade to release 5.3.x., previously enabled delayed search for a cluster is disabled.

  • The dot in a hover tooltip for a chart, indicating which item the tooltip applies to, does not appear.

  • Common keywords, like this year, date daily,last quarter, and week of year do not reflect the settings of a custom calendar.

  • The title page of an exported PDF does not display the full date

  • The date filter of an answer does not work properly when pinned to a Pinboard, even after applying the Pinboard date filter

  • Scroll and edit options are missing for charts in presentation mode when using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

  • The tscli cluster download-release command sometimes did not work correctly.

  • The date dimension attribute was removed from the query for all date aggregations, except for DETAILED.