Google BigQuery DataFlow connection reference

Learn about the fields used to create an Google BigQuery connection with ThoughtSpot DataFlow.

Here is a list of the fields for a Cassandra connection in ThoughtSpot DataFlow. You need specific information to establish a seamless and secure connection.

Connection properties

Project id

The identification number given to particular project and its always unique.

Mandatory field.

Example: myproject-1234

Authentication type

It can be either Service Account or Access Tokens

Mandatory field.

Example: Service Account

Valid values: Service Account, Access Token

Default: Service Account

Service account key/access Token

Provide the Service Account key when authentication type is selected as Service account and token when access token is selected as authentication type.

Mandatory field.


Query priority

Specify the time duration to run the query and it can be either Interactive or Batch.

Optional field.

Example: BATCH


Default: BATCH

Use proxy

If required, to use a proxy, select the checkbox Use Proxy and provide the details.

Optional field.

Other notes: in Advanced configuration


Specify the hostname or the IP address of the BigQuery system.

Optional field.

For proxy authentication only.



Specify the port associated to the BigQuery system.

Optional field.

For proxy authentication only.

Example: 1234


It can be either http or https.

Optional field.

For proxy authentication only.

Example: http

Valid values: http, https

Default: http

JDBC options

Specify the options associated with the JDBC URL.

Optional field.

Example: jdbc:sqlserver://[serverName[\instanceName][:portNumber]]

Other notes: Advanced configuration

Sync properties

Column delimiter

Specify the column delimiter character.

Mandatory field.

Example: 1

Valid values: Any printable ASCII character, or the decimal value for an ASCII character.

Default: The delimiter specified in sync

Enclosing character

Specify if the text columns in the source data needs to be enclosed in quotes.

Optional field.

Example: DOUBLE

Valid values: DOUBLE, SINGLE, NULL

Default: SINGLE

Other notes: Required if text data uses newline character or delimiter character.

Escape character

Specify the escape character if using a text qualifier in the source data.

Optional field.

Example: \"

Valid values: \\, any ASCII character

Default: \"

Fetch size

Specify the number of rows to fetch at one time, and process in memory. To fetch all rows, specify 0 rows.

Mandatory field.

Example: 1000

Valid values: 1000, 10, 100. 100000, any numeric value

Default: 10

Allow large resultset

If enabled, allows query results that are larger in size.

Optional field.

Example: FALSE

Valid values: TRUE

Default: FALSE

TS load options

Specifies the parameters passed with the tsload command, in addition to the commands already included by the application.

The format for these parameters is:

--<param_1_name> <optional_param_1_value>

--<param_2_name> <optional_param_2_value>

Optional field.

Example: --max_ignored_rows 0

Valid values: --null_value "" --escape_character "" --max_ignored_rows 0

Default: --max_ignored_rows 0

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