Azure Synapse DataFlow connection reference

Learn about the fields used to create an Azure Synapse connection with ThoughtSpot DataFlow.

Here is a list of the fields for an Azure Synapse connection in ThoughtSpot DataFlow. You need specific information to establish a seamless and secure connection.

Connection properties

Connection name

Name your connection.

Mandatory field.

Example: AzureSynapseConnection

Connection type

Choose the Azure Synapse connection type.

Mandatory field.

Example: Azure Synapse


Specify the name of the server.

Mandatory field.


Specify the connection port for Azure Synapse.

Mandatory field.

Example: 1234


Specify the user to connect to Azure Synapse. This user must have data access privileges.

Mandatory field.

Example: user1


Specify the password for the User.

Mandatory field.

Example: pswrd234%!


Specify Database details like name, alias name, schema.

Mandatory field.

Example: di_src

JDBC options

Specify the options associated with the JDBC URL.

Optional field.

Example: jdbc:sqlserver://[serverName[\instanceName][:portNumber]]

Other notes: Advanced configuration

Sync properties

Data extraction mode

Specify the column delimiter character.

Mandatory field.

Example: 1

Valid values: JDBC, BCP

Default: JDBC

Column delimiter

Specify the column delimiter character.

Mandatory field.

Example: , (comma)

Valid values: Any character, (comma, semicolon) or a number. If using a number, system uses its ASCII value as delimiter.

Default: , (comma)

Null value

Specify the string literal that represents NULL on the source. When loading data, the system replaces this with NULL.

Optional field.

Available only when Data extraction mode is BCP.

Example: NULL

Valid values: Any string literal

Default: NULL

Enclosing character

Specify if text columns in the source data are enclosed in quotes; if yes, single quotes or double quotes.

Optional field.

Example: DOUBLE

Valid values: Single, Double

Default: DOUBLE

Other notes: Required if text data uses newline character or delimiter character.

Escape character

Specify the escape character if using a text qualifier in the source data.

Optional field.

Example: \"

Valid values: Any ASCII character

Default: \"

Fetch size

Specify the number of rows to be fetched at a time and processed in memory. If the value specified is zero then, all rows are extracted at once.

Mandatory field.

Available only when Data extraction mode is JDBC.

Example: 1000

Valid values: Any numeric value

Default: 1000

TS load options

Specifies the parameters passed with the tsload command, in addition to the commands already included by the application.

The format for these parameters is:

--<param_1_name> <optional_param_1_value>

Optional field.

Example: --max_ignored_rows 0

Valid values: --null_value "" --escape_character "" --max_ignored_rows 0

Default: --max_ignored_rows 0

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