Changing charts

You can adjust all aspects of ThoughtSpot charts: color, legends, axis, number format, and many more.

To make changes to the chart configuration, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the visualization.

Edit chart configuration

This opens the Edit chart panel for the chart, which contains the Customize and Settings menus. Using this menu, you can drag and drop measure and attribute chips to or from an axis. Click on any measure or attribute chip that has a more icon (>) to customize it. In the image below, Total Sales is customizable.

Edit chart configuration

You can edit some of the elements of the chart directly, by clicking on them. For example, you can change the appearance of a chart axis by clicking it and making selections in the available options.

Through the Edit chart menu, you can perform a number of customizations:

  1. Drag and drop measures and attributes to or from an axis

    • Set up your chart by dragging and dropping the measures and attributes in your search onto the appropriate axis. If you want a column to be part of your search and show up in the table view, but you do not want to include it in your chart, you can drag it to the ‘Not Visualized’ section. You can also use this functionality to perform a hidden sort, by moving the measure column you want to sort by to the ‘Not Visualized’ section.

  2. Number formatting for all data labels

    • Category (Number, Percentage, Currency)

    • Units (K, M, B)

    • Decimals

    • Independent control for each measure on the chart

  3. Axes

    • Grouping and ungrouping of axes

    • Axis renaming

    • Changing the position of an axis

    • Changing the axis minimum and maximum values

    • Changing number formatting on the axis.

  4. Color configuration

  5. Tables

Use the configuration options to perform any other chart adjustments, such as:

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