Share a Liveboard

The new Liveboard experience contains multiple new features and feature enhancements. It is on by default, and users can turn it on or off individually from the Experience manager panel in their profile. If you use the classic Liveboard experience in your environment, your experience may be different from the one described in this article.

When you share a Liveboard, you share a live link to the Liveboard that reflects the latest version of it. When someone else views the Liveboard you shared with them, they see the most recently saved version with the most recent data.

You do not have to be an administrator or the Liveboard’s owner to share saved Liveboards. Any user can share them, based on the access levels the user has.

You can share a Liveboard from the list of Liveboards on the main Liveboards page, or from the Liveboard itself.

Share from the Liveboards page

To share Liveboards from the main Liveboard page, follow these steps.

  1. Configure the Liveboard(s) to look as it must appear when you share it.

  2. If you edited the Liveboard, save the Liveboard by clicking the Save button in the top menu bar.

    Save the Liveboard

  3. Click Liveboards on the bar at the top of your screen.

  4. Select the Liveboard(s) you want to share from the list of Liveboards by hovering over the Liveboard name and clicking the empty check box that appears.

  5. Click Share.

    Share the Liveboard

  6. Specify permissions.

Share from within a Liveboard

To share a Liveboard from within the Liveboard, follow these steps.

  1. Configure the Liveboard to look as it must appear when you share it.

  2. If you edited the Liveboard, save the Liveboard by clicking the Save button in the top menu bar.

  3. Click the sharing icon sharing icon.

    Click the sharing icon

  4. Specify permissions.

Share a Liveboard visualization

This feature is now deprecated. You may not use it starting with release, if you have the new Liveboard experience turned on. For details, see Deprecation Announcements.

You can also share a specific visualization within a Liveboard. When you share a Liveboard visualization, the user or group receives an email with a link to that visualization.

Note that sharing a specific visualization within a Liveboard gives users and groups access to the entire Liveboard.

To share a Liveboard visualization, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Liveboard visualization that you would like to share.

  2. In the classic Liveboard experience, select the sharing icon sharing icon that appears when you hover over the visualization. In the new Liveboard experience, select the more menu more menu icon, and select Copy link. Share the Liveboard, and send the link to the specific visualization to the user you want to share it with.

    Share a Liveboard visualization

  3. Specify permissions.

Specify permissions

  1. After you click the Share icon, the sharing dialog box appears.

    The sharing dialog box
  2. Enter users or groups with whom you want to share this object in the text box. To stop sharing with a user or group, click the x icon next to the Permissions dropdown for that user or group.

    Note that you can only enter email addresses whose domains are in your list of allowed domains. These domains appear when you click on the info button icon information 10px.

    If you want to hide the allowed email domains for your company, or otherwise customize them, contact ThoughtSpot support.
  3. Configure the level of access by selecting from the drop-down list. You can select:

    • Can View to provide read-only access. If the user doesn’t have access to the underlying worksheet, they can only view the shared object.

    • Can Edit to allow modification. Enables renaming or deleting the shared object. If a user with edit privileges modifies a shared object, the object saves their changes.

  4. If the selected group or user does not have access to the underlying data, you must enable access to the worksheet, view, or table. A black warning symbol appears when you try to share with a user who does not have underlying data access. If you click on it, it tells you to enable access:

    Warning: enable data access

    If you own the underlying data source, you can enable access through the sharing dialog box. If you do not own the data source, ThoughtSpot emails the owner of the data source or your ThoughtSpot administrator to ask them to share the data.

    To enable access, select Give view access to underlying data sources at the bottom of the dialog box. You can click on the arrow to view the data sources.

    Enable data access

    After you enable access, the warning symbol turns into a green checkmark.

  5. You can choose to send an email notification and an optional message.

  6. You can also copy a direct link to the answer, Liveboard, or visualization within a Liveboard that you are sharing, and separately send that link to users after you share the object with them. Simply click the Copy link button at the bottom of the sharing dialog box.

    Note that sending users this link does not share the object with them. You must also share the object by clicking the Share button at the bottom of the dialog box.

    Share an object and send the link to users you shared with
  7. Click Share.