Start a new search

To start a new search:

  1. Select the Search data button from the top navigation bar. The Search data page appears.

  2. Choose your sources by selecting Add sources. If you already have sources in the Data panel, select the Choose sources icon Choose sources wrench icon.

    1. Filter through all available sources by using the search bar or tags.

    2. Select your sources.

    3. Select Done.

  3. Add columns to the search bar by typing in the search bar, or by double-clicking columns in the Data panel.

    The columns listed in the left panel are grouped together by data sources for discoverability and ease of access. You can also add multiple columns by clicking each column to select it, and then clicking + Add Columns.

  4. Select Enter on your keyboard or select Go to the right of the search bar. As you add items to or remove them from the search bar, press Enter or Go to ensure that ThoughtSpot updates your search.

ThoughtSpot gives your search an automatic title based on your search columns, and displays it as either a table or chart, depending on how it is best represented. You can change the view to fit your needs.