Basic Liveboard usage

Starting in December 2021, ThoughtSpot rebranded pinboards as Liveboards. For backward compatibility, we currently support internal processes and external methods that use the older naming convention.
The new Liveboard experience contains multiple new features and feature enhancements. It is off by default, but users can turn it on or off individually from the Experience manager panel in their profile. If you enable the new Liveboard experience in your environment, your experience may be different than the one described in this article.

Liveboards act like live dashboards. They are collections of your related charts, tables, and headlines.

What are Liveboards

You can pin charts and tables to any Liveboard which you created, and those that have been shared with you with the Edit privilege. When you create a Liveboard, you can share it with other people with either the View or Edit privilege. Liveboards are interactive, allowing you to perform actions like filtering, excluding values, and drill down on the visualizations.

Create a Liveboard

To create a Liveboard:

  1. Click Liveboards, on the top navigation bar.

  2. Click + Liveboard on the Liveboards list page.

    add new pinboard
  3. In the New Liveboard dialog box, give your Liveboard a name and description. Then click Create.

    new pinboard

Add an answer to a Liveboard

Instead of saving an answer you can add it to a Liveboard. To add an answer to a Liveboard:

  1. While viewing your answer of interest, click the Pin icon icon pin at the top right of the answer.

  2. In the Pin to Liveboard dialog box, click the name of the Liveboard you would like to add your answer to, then select Pin.

    copy to pinboard

    You can also select Create Liveboard at the top of the list to create a new Liveboard, then add your answer to it.

Download a Liveboard

You can download a Liveboard as a PDF file, without having to download each visualization separately. Downloading a Liveboard works just as it would when downloading an answer: simply click the ellipses icon more options menu icon and select Download as PDF.

pinboard download pdf

For more details, see Download a Liveboard as PDF.

If you do not see this option, your company may have removed the Liveboard download option. If you would like to download Liveboards, contact your ThoughtSpot administrator.

Details about a Liveboard

You can see who authored a Liveboard, when it was created, and when it was last modified by choosing Actions  Liveboard Info.

pinboard info

View Liveboard usage

You can see who viewed or interacted with a Liveboard within the last 120 days. Under the Liveboard title and description, click on the list of names and user icons. A modal appears, listing the user that created the Liveboard, and the users who recently viewed or interacted with it.

View the users who recently viewed or interacted with the Liveboard

Edit a Liveboard

If you are using the new Liveboard experience, you must enter Edit mode to make any changes to the Liveboard. To enter edit mode, select the more options menu more options menu icon for the Liveboard, and select Edit.

Other Liveboard actions

Other Liveboard actions include actions you normally perform on your search as well as actions that you can only perform on a Liveboard. Most of these actions are found under the Actions button icon more 10px.

pinboard actions

Other actions are available on a Liveboard display itself. Some actions always appear, while others appear only when you hover over specific locations of the Liveboard. This diagram displays active action areas on a Liveboard.

pinboard controls

If you make a change to a Liveboard, the system recognizes this and displays an alert message with a Save changes button at the top of the page. Click this button to make your changes permanent.