Connection reference for Redshift

You need specific information to establish a seamless and secure connection. The following fields are required, except where noted.

Connection name

Enter a name for your Redshift connection.

Connection description

Provide a short description of the connection.


Enter the host name associated with the database. If you used an AWS PrivateLink between your Redshift data warehouse and the ThoughtSpot Cloud tenant, use the PrivateLink Endpoint DNS name provided by ThoughtSpot Support. For example,


Enter the port number associated with the database.


Enter the Redshift account username.

This user must have at least read access to the SVV_TABLE_INFO table.

Enter the Redshift account password.


Specify the database associated with the account.

(IAM only) Dbuser

Specify the db user associated with the account.

(IAM only) Access Key

Specify the access key associated with the account.

(IAM only) Secret Key

Specify the secret key associated with the account.