Configure AWS IDC OAuth for a Redshift connection

ThoughtSpot supports AWS IDC OAuth for a Redshift connection. Depending on the identity provider, you need to complete different steps to configure the integration. This is a high-level overview. We recommend following the AWS documentation for how to configure AWS or the IDP. See: Connect Redshift with IAM Identity Center to give users a single sign-on experience.


To set up OAuth for Redshift, you must have the following:

  • An AWS account.

  • An Amazon Redshift cluster.

Configure the IdP

Refer to the AWS documentation.

Note that your redirect URL will be in the format: https://<your_instance_name>/callosum/v1/connection/generateTokens.

Set up OAuth

The OAuth application is used to authenticate the user and provide a login token.

Follow the steps in the AWS documentation.

Connect to Redshift

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