ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets™

ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets is a free add-on that lets you use the power of ThoughtSpot to search, and create charts and visualizations from your spreadsheet data.

Display of an analytics chart in ThoughtSpot Analytics for Google Sheets


  • No ThoughtSpot license required

  • No data modeling required

  • Query your data with search

  • Drill anywhere

  • Easy internal navigation

  • Pin to Slack, Google Sheets and Google Slides

First-time setup

  1. Download ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets.

  2. In Google Sheets, open a sheet with data organized in columns and rows.

  3. Select Extensions > ThoughtSpot > Launch.

    A message appears indicating the add-on needs permission to run.

  4. Click Continue and authenticate using your Google account.

    A message appears indicating ThoughtSpot wants access to your Google account.

  5. Click Allow.

  6. Select Extensions > ThoughtSpot > Launch again.

    The ThoughtSpot search bar and data panel appear.

  7. Analyze your data using the ThoughtSpot search bar, or by clicking items in the data panel.

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