Upgrade a cluster

Contact ThoughtSpot Support to upgrade a cluster to a new release.

ThoughtSpot is installed or updated from a release tarball that contains the ThoughtSpot application (binaries and configuration), third-party software, and Operating System image. Third party softwares are licensed software components necessary for operation of the ThoughtSpot application. These include Java, Boost C++ libraries, Google protocol buffers, and so on.

ThoughtSpot patches the Operating System at the time of upgrades. Installation and upgrade use the same process, replacing the older OS image on a node by the new image delivered in the release tarball.

ThoughtSpot Support will contact you to schedule an update when a minor or major upgrade becomes available.

You can also view available releases from the Admin Console. To view new releases, navigate to the Admin Console by clicking on the Admin tab from the top navigation bar. Select Upgrade from the side navigation bar that appears.

The Upgrade page shows your cluster’s current version, and any new releases that are available. If no releases are available, you see the following screen.

Admin Console - Upgrade

If releases are available, and you would like to upgrade, contact ThoughtSpot Support to upgrade your cluster.