Performance Tracking Liveboard

Use the Performance Tracking Liveboard to understand how your ThoughtSpot cluster is performing.

The Performance Tracking Liveboard contains essential information about your ThoughtSpot cluster’s performance. Use this Liveboard to understand query latency, user traffic, how users are interacting with ThoughtSpot, most frequently loaded tables, and so on. You must have admin privileges to view this Liveboard.

If your organization uses multi-tenancy with Orgs, you must be a cluster administrator to view the Performance Tracking Liveboard, not an Org administrator.
Performance Tracking Liveboard

To view this Liveboard, navigate to the Admin Console by selecting Admin from the top navigation bar. Select Performance tracking from the side navigation bar in the Admin Console.

If your organization uses multi-tenancy with Orgs, ensure that you are in the Primary Org, in the All orgs section of the Admin Console.

Use this Liveboard to view and analyze information about the following topics:

  • query latency

  • whether users are searchers or consumers

  • user traffic

  • database latency

  • query timeouts

  • frequently loaded tables

  • data requests and latency

  • data errors

  • Liveboard latency

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