For Business Users

Business users view data insights to inform and support critical business decisions.

Your job is vital to your organization, and using ThoughtSpot makes it easier.

  • Onboarding for business users
    Get a quick overview of how ThoughtSpot can support you.

  • Home page
    This is where you get direct access to existing Answers, Liveboards, and visualizations.

  • Using Liveboards and Answers
    Quick tips on how you can use and customize Liveboards and charts.

  • ThoughtSpot Search
    We expanded our flagship Search functionality. In addition to the traditional Search over Data, ThoughtSpot now supports a powerful set of features that helps users get their information from existing content through Search over Answers.

  • Search Assist
    See how ThoughtSpot Search Assist gives you insights into your own data.

  • Mobile app
    Access your ThoughtSpot cluster to search Answers and Liveboards, and create Liveboards.

ThoughtSpot Training

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