Understand data sources

Use the Data tab to manage data sources.

The Data tab lists all of the tables and data sources available to you. There are three types of data sources that you may see in the data list. They are tables, worksheets, and user uploaded data. You usually see only worksheets and user-uploaded sources. These are the most commonly used data sources for searching.

Name Icon Definition Created by


Raw table loaded by an Administrator



Collection of related tables optimized for searching (like standard concept of a view)


User Imported

Table uploaded by a user through the web browser (e.g. as a .csv file)



Table saved as a materialized view by a user through the web browser through Save as view option on a search


types of data sources table

Clicking on the name of a table or data source shows you detailed information about it. You won’t be able to change these settings or edit the table unless it was shared with you with the Edit privilege. To see how to edit a data source, refer to the ThoughtSpot Administrator Guide.

Use the filters at the top of the page to find the data you are interested in. From the Data tab, you can also delete or apply stickers to tables and data sources in bulk by selecting them and clicking the appropriate action button.

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