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You can download your search as either a table or chart. You have the option to download your table as a CSV (comma separated values), PDF, or XLSX (Excel) file. When you download a chart, it will be a PNG file. If you do not see all the search download options, your company may have removed them. If you would like to download your search in one of these formats, contact your ThoughtSpot administrator.

Starting in May 2022, ThoughtSpot rebranded pinboards as Liveboards. For backward compatibility, we currently support internal processes and external methods that use the older naming convention.

Currently, ThoughtSpot limits the maximum number of rows that can be downloaded to 10M (default is 1M). Your system limit is configured by your ThoughtSpot administrator.

Download a chart or table

If you are using the new answer experience, your administrator set a standard footer for all answer downloads. If you have admin privileges, you can edit that footer for the whole cluster from the Admin Console. If you do not have admin privileges, you cannot edit the standard footer for downloads.

To download your search, click the More icon more options menu icon, and select any of the following options, depending on your search type:

  • For a table, choose Download as CSV, Download as PDF, or Download as XLSX. Note that this does not include pivot tables. ThoughtSpot classifies pivot tables as charts.

    download a table new experience
  • For a chart, select Download.

    download a chart new experience

Table formatting

When you download tables, the format in the downloaded table may look different. The following table describes the behavior for formatting in downloaded tables. If a formatting type is Supported, the formatting in the downloaded table is the same as the formatting in ThoughtSpot. Note that this does not include pivot tables. ThoughtSpot classifies pivot tables as charts.

Formatting type XLSX download CSV or PDF download

Number formatting

Supported, with limitations

Not supported

Number formatting based on custom format patterns


Not supported

Conditional formatting

Supported, with limitations

Not supported

Column order



Custom calendar



Table themes

Not supported

Not supported

Text wrapping


Not supported

Content density

Not supported

Not supported

Column width


Not supported

Table summaries

Not supported

Not supported

For number formatting, the following limitations apply:

  • Auto formatting shows only the raw number

  • Locale-based thousands separators are based on locale settings from your computer in Excel or from your Google Sheets locale settings in Google Sheets

  • The currency symbol in the downloaded table may be different from what is visible in ThoughtSpot

  • For India, Japan, and Afrikaans locales, the downloaded table shows only the raw number, and the comma separation is based on the locale

For conditional formatting, the following limitation applies:

  • Bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough are not supported

Date columns for tables

When you download tables with date columns or view these tables in scheduled Liveboards, the format for those dates may differ from their appearance in ThoughtSpot, depending on the type of download.

XLSX files appear as they do in ThoughtSpot, but CSV and PDF files may look different. The following date bucketing types may look different for CSV and PDF downloads:

Bucketing Type Appearance in ThoughtSpot and XLSX download Appearance in CSV or PDF



24 hour

Day of week

Name of day (for example, Saturday)

Number of day (for example, 6)[1]


January 2021


Month of year

Name of month

Number of month[2]


Q1 2021


Quarter of year

Name of quarter (for example, Q4)

Number of quarter (for example, 4)




1. Numbers may differ if you use custom calendar.
2. Numbers may differ if you use custom calendar, or change the fiscal start month in another way.

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