Prepare AWS VMs for ThoughtSpot

Prepare the VMs before installing your ThoughtSpot cluster(s).

  1. SSH into a VM.

    $ ssh -i key.pem admin@<VM-IP>
  2. Run sudo /usr/local/scaligent/bin/ to configure the VMs.

    Make sure you migrate any data off the disks. This command formats the disks, wiping them clean.
    $ sudo /usr/local/scaligent/bin/
  3. Configure the VM based on your specific network information. Refer to your site-survey or ask your network administrator for that information.

  4. Run df -h to confirm configuration.

    $ df -h
  5. Repeat these steps for each of your VMs.

    When complete, your storage is mounted and ready for use with your cluster.

When the setup completes, you can load data into ThoughtSpot for search analytics.

Open the required network ports

If you have not already opened the required network ports, see Network ports to determine which ports to open.

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