Linked Liveboard filters

You can link columns from multiple worksheets, to create one Liveboard filter for visualizations that come from different worksheets.

The new Liveboard experience contains multiple new features and feature enhancements. It is on by default, and users can turn it on or off individually from the Experience manager panel in their profile. If you use the classic Liveboard experience in your environment, your experience may be different than the one described in this article.

When you create and share a Liveboard, you or other users may want to filter the visualizations on the Liveboard, to only see data that is relevant to your role. The head of customer experience in the North America region may only want to see the data on customers in North America, in a Liveboard that represents global customer data. However, the Liveboard may be built on multiple worksheets: Sales and NPS, for example. To create one filter that filters both visualizations built on the Sales worksheet, and the visualizations built on the NPS worksheet, you can link the worksheet columns, at the Liveboard level.

To filter Liveboards based on one worksheet, see Liveboard filters.

Configure linked filters

To configure linked Liveboard filters, follow these steps. Note that you can link the worksheet columns at the Liveboard level without actually filtering the Liveboard. This is useful if you would like your users to be able to choose their own filters for the Liveboard.

When you create linked Liveboard filters, you link worksheet columns at the Liveboard level. You do not globally link the worksheet columns. You must create linked filters separately, for each Liveboard.
  1. Navigate to the Liveboard you would like to filter, or create a new Liveboard.

  2. Select the Edit button at the upper right of the Liveboard. If this button is grayed out, you do not have edit privileges for the Liveboard. To resolve this, contact your administrator or the creator of the Liveboard.

  3. In the top menu bar, select Add filter. If you already created the filter you would like to link, select it in the filters bar below the Liveboard name, and proceed to step 5.

  4. In the Add filters side panel, select the Filter icon filter icon image next to the column you would like to filter on. In this example, we will create a linked *Customer Region() filter.

    Add filters
  5. After you add a filter, it appears on the Liveboard filters bar, below the Liveboard name.

  6. Now we can create a linked filter. Select the More menu icon More options menu icon at the upper right, and select Configure filters.

    Configure filters
  7. The Filters modal appears. Select Link filters from the left side navigation bar.

  8. The Primary Worksheet and Primary Filter text boxes contain the worksheet and column that the Liveboard is already filtering on. To link the Customer region filter across worksheets, we must specify the Linked worksheet and Linked filter. Select the Linked worksheet dropdown, and choose the worksheet that contains the column you would like to filter on. In this case, the Liveboard only uses one other worksheet: Retail DemoSet worksheet.

  9. After you select the Linked worksheet, you can select the column to filter on. Use the search box in the dropdown to find the column you need. In this case, we are filtering on Customer region.

    Choose linked filter
  10. To link another worksheet’s Customer region column to this filter, select + Link filter. In this case, the Liveboard only uses two worksheets, so the + Link filter option is unavailable.

  11. To specify visualizations to apply the filter to, select Applicable to in the left side menu. You can select or unselect entire tabs, or only choose certain visualizations.

  12. To create a linked filter without actually filtering the Liveboard, select Apply after you link the columns, instead of specifying values to include or exclude.

  13. Optionally, select Default values, and specify values to include or exclude.

Limitations of linked filters

  • ThoughtSpot expects the Worksheet columns you link to have the same column values. You can only use the values of the Primary Filter to filter the Liveboard visualizations, so if the value names are different in the Linked Filter, you are unable to filter visualizations based on the Linked Worksheet.

    For example, in the configuration example, Retail Sales is the Primary Worksheet, and the Customer Region column from that worksheet is the Primary Filter. One of the customer regions in Retail Sales might be North America, but the name of that customer in the Linked Worksheet, Retail DemoSet Worksheet, might be NA. In the filter value selection modal, you only see the value from the Primary Worksheet, North America. You do not see NA. If you filter based on North America, ThoughtSpot filters only the visualizations based on the Primary Worksheet.

  • You can’t link a column to multiple columns in the same worksheet.

  • The filters you create can only be linked to the same data types; you can’t link a DATE column to a DATETIME column.

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