Pie charts

A pie (or a circle) chart is a statistical graphic that divides data into slices to illustrate numerical proportion. In a pie chart, the arc length of a slice is proportional to the quantity it represents.

The pie chart is a classic chart type that displays your search in a circle. The default pie chart in ThoughtSpot displays data in the shape of a doughnut, or a thick ring.

How pie charts divide data

Pie charts divide your data into sectors that each represent a proportion of a whole circle. To display the exact values of each slice and the percentage values, select the Chart configuration icon icon gear 10px > Settings > All labels.

pie chart example

Your search needs at least one attribute and one measure to be represented as a pie chart. Also, there must be fewer than 250 values in the attribute column.

Pie in pie charts

The pie in pie chart can be created from a regular pie chart in order to compare more than one component of an attribute. Pie in pie charts show two concentric pie charts comparing different measures.

To see a pie in pie chart, assign two different measures to the Size section under Edit chart configuration icon gear 10px.

pie in pie chart example

Color customization of pie in pie charts

You can customize the colors of each pie in a pie chart using the Chart configuration icon chart configuration icon. Note that if you have a pie in pie chart, you change the colors for both widgets that apply to the same attribute value.

  1. Click the Chart configuration icon.

  2. From the Edit chart window, click the attribute under Category.

  3. Click the color chip next to each item you want to change. You can also enter the Hex value directly. Your changes are saved immediately.

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