Show data labels

You can show data labels for every measure in your chart, or configure labels separately for each measure.

Configure all data labels

To turn on all data labels for a chart, click the edit chart configuration icon gear 10px icon, and select the Settings menu. Select all labels. Note that you cannot select all labels when you fit to screen, unless the visualization does not have enough data points to require a scroll bar, and thus defaults to fit to screen mode.

Configure all data labels

To further configure the labels, by showing unrounded numbers for example, configure labels individually.

Configure labels for one measure

  1. While viewing your search or answer as a chart, click the chart configuration icon icon gear 10px on the top right.

  2. Click on the measure you want to add labels to.

    Select a measure
  3. Check the data labels box.

    Note that only the total sales data has labels.

    Check the data labels box
  4. You can specify a category, like number, percentage, or currency. Otherwise, ThoughtSpot automatically picks the best category for your data.

    Specify a label category
  5. When you specify a category, you can also specify units. Select none to see your data down to two decimal points, for example, or select millions to see labels rounded to the millions.

    You can also specify the number of decimal places.

    Decimal specifications

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