What is SpotIQ?

SpotIQ is a ThoughtSpot feature that helps you find insights into your data. Insights are trends, correlations, and outliers (values significantly different from what is typical in your data).

Using SpotIQ, you can find interesting answers in your data that you might not have found on your own. SpotIQ also learns from your responses to your insights. Meaning, how you interact with SpotIQ results helps to build better results.

Who can use SpotIQ?

The SpotIQ feature is made to be easily accessible for users who are not data magicians; you can get great results easily. However, power users can change SpotIQs parameters to fine tune their results. SpotIQ is for everyone.

If you can see the SpotIQ on your ThoughtSpot dashboard, you have access to SpotIQ.

If you can’t see this option, ask your ThoughtSpot Administrator to give you the Has SpotIQ privilege.

Where to find SpotIQ actions

The SpotIQ page shows you all the analysis results in the system you have access to, these results are called SpotIQ insights. You can create your own results from several different locations in your system:

  • search results such as query, saved answer, or visualization.

  • tables or worksheets

  • data uploads

  • SpotIQ insights

The menu items that use SpotIQ have a label that indicates this:

spotiq menu items

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