Set up monitoring

Setting up monitoring is a one time operation. To configure monitoring of your cluster, set up the frequency of heartbeat and monitoring reports and an email address to receive them.

ThoughtSpot Training

  • For best results when setting up ThoughtSpot Monitoring, we recommend that you take the following ThoughtSpot U course: Email and Alert Setup.

  • See other training resources at ThoughtSpot U.

To set up monitoring, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Linux shell using SSH.

  2. Issue the tscli command to set up monitoring:

    tscli monitoring set-config
      --email <email>
      --heartbeat_interval <heartbeat_interval>
      --report_interval <report_interval>

    The parameters are:

    --email <email>

    Comma-separated list (no spaces) of email addresses where the cluster will send monitoring information.

    --heartbeat_interval <heartbeat_interval>

    The heartbeat email generation interval in seconds.

    Must be greater than 0.

    --report_interval <report_interval>

    Sets the cluster report email generation interval in seconds.

    Must be greater than 0.

  3. To view your settings and verify that they have been applied, issue:

     tscli monitoring show-config

    You should see information like:

     Monitoring Configuration:
       Alert Email: [email protected]
       Heartbeat Interval: 900 sec
       Report Interval: 21600 sec
  4. After the heartbeat interval has passed, check your email to verify that emails are being delivered.

  5. If you don’t receive any emails, verify that email is working.

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