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Each version of ThoughtSpot has its own documentation set. ThoughtSpot releases new documentation sets for every major release version (x.y) of ThoughtSpot. Documentation features added with minor versions (x.y.z) are added to the corresponding major release. This means, for example, that new documentation for the 6.0.1 minor release version appears in the 6.0 major version documentation.

ThoughtSpot supplies release notes for every major release and every minor release version (x.y.z).

Information Center

The Information Center, ThoughtSpot’s help menu, contains useful information and links to provide you with more help and support. Click the help icon icon help 10px next to your profile in the top navigation bar.

The Information Center opens. It contains the following 3 sections:

Getting Started

Explores key features with a navigation overview and several short videos.

Link Takes you to…​

Navigation Overview

An interactive walkthrough of ThoughtSpot’s main navigation.

Your First Search

A short video that explains how to use the Search bar.

Working with Answers

A short video that explains how to save a search result as an Answer.

Refining Data Using Filters

A short video about using filters to narrow your search results.

Intro to Pinboards

A short video introducing you to Pinboards.


View several longer, more in-depth tutorials on how to use specific aspects of the product.

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Using Formulas

A more in-depth video on how to use formulas to create new searchable fields when raw data values are unavailable.

Explaining Joins

A detailed video about how to create joins, which allow you to run a search across multiple tables instead of searching each table individually.

Creating Worksheets

A detailed video describing how to create a Worksheet for your users to search on.

Get Help

Get in-depth help from ThoughtSpot experts, both within your organization and in the ThoughtSpot community and documentation.

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Expert Requests

Your existing ThoughtSpot Expert requests, so you can see when a ThoughtSpot expert in your organization responds to your question, or provide expert help to others.


The documentation set for your ThoughtSpot version.

ThoughtSpot U

ThoughtSpot U, which offers free, on-demand, self-paced video training.


The ThoughtSpot Community , where you can exchange ideas and collaborate with customers, partners, and ThoughtSpot employees.

Answer Replay

Allows you to replay instructions on how to search, save, and share Answers.

Release notes

The release notes for your ThoughtSpot version.

At the bottom of the Get Help section of the Information Center, you can see the version of ThoughtSpot you are using.

The Information Center, and many other ThoughtSpot guides, are delivered through Pendo. Pendo is ThoughtSpot’s system for delivery of in-product tips, short videos, and other training elements. Your firewall may automatically block Pendo. To ensure that you can view Pendo guides, ask your ThoughtSpot administrator to add Pendo to a list of allowed domains.

The new Information Center is not customizable. To use the customizable help menu, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

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