Admin console

Learn how the Admin Console can help you manage users, groups, security, authentication, and much more.

The Admin Console provides you with an intuitive, user-friendly interface to accomplish most of the necessary tasks for administering ThoughtSpot.

Navigate to the Admin Console by selecting Admin from the top navigation bar.

You can complete the following tasks in the Admin Console:

Manage users and groups

Configure authentication

Manage settings: SSL, support, and application and menu customization

Manage backup and storage options

Monitor system

  • View System Cluster Pinboard: View and explore cluster activity on the system cluster Pinboard.

  • View System Alerts Pinboard: View and explore system alerts, configuration events, and notification events on the system alerts Pinboard.

  • View User Adoption Pinboard: View and explore visualizations about how your ThoughtSpot users are interacting with ThoughtSpot, and how your user adoption is changing over time on the User Adoption Pinboard.

Upgrade your cluster

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