Present a pinboard as a slideshow

Displaying your pinboard as a slideshow is a good way to present its contents to others.

With ThoughtSpot’s interactive presentations, you can easily explore and answer questions from the audience during the presentation session. When you present your pinboard, ThoughtSpot displays the component visualizations and tables in order from left to right, and top to bottom.

Starting a presentation

To start a presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Click Pinboards on the top navigation bar.

  2. Select a pinboard from the list of pinboards by clicking on its title.

  3. In the open pinboard, click the more options menu more options menu icon (ellipses icon), and select present icon Present.

    pinboard present
  4. ThoughtSpot displays the pinboard in full screen.

    To navigate through the slides of the presentation, use the left and right arrow navigation keys on your keyboard.

    pinboard present fullscreen

Presentation navigation controls

The presentation navigation controls enable you to effectively run the presentation.

Hover over the top right corner of the presentation to see the navigation control options:

  1. Click the downward arrow to expand the list of visualizations, and select it to navigate directly to this slide.

  2. Click the up arrow to go to the previous slide.

  3. Click the down arrow to go to the next slide.

  4. Click the pencil symbol to edit the answer represented by the current slide.

  5. Click the x to end the presentation.

pinboard present controls

Presenting pinboards

While in presentation mode, you can easily explore each visualization.

pinboard present actions

Consider the following actions on pinboards:

Legend Action


You can see the tooltip information about each element of the visualization as you hover the cursor over that area of the presentation.


To quickly edit a visualization, click the pencil icon, and proceed to make the necessary changes. This takes you out of presentation mode.


By left-clicking, you can open a drop menu where you can change filtering to Exclude selected values.


Similarly, you can apply a filter to Only include selected values or Only include selected point.


You can drill down to see more information about the columns used in search. Left-click and select Drill down from the menu.


To show underlying data in more detail, left-click and select Show underlying data from the menu.


To run SpotIQ, left-click and select SpotIQ analyze from the menu.


Depending on the chart type in presentation, you can perform the chart-specific actions. In case of geographic maps, you can zoom and pan the map.

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