Parameters of the tscli cluster create command

Learn the parameters of the tscli cluster create command.

Using the tscli cluster create command

To install your appliance, you must install the cluster.

  1. Copy the release tarball

    In your Terminal (Apple) or using Winscp (Windows application), copy the downloaded release tarball to /home/admin/ and run the cluster installer as shown below.

    Run the secure copy command:

    scp <release-number> admin@<hostname>:/home/admin/<file-name>

    For example:

    $ scp 6.0.tar.gz admin@ThoughtSpot:/home/admin/TS-tarball.

    ThoughtSpot recommends that you start the session using screen, so you do not lose your progress if you lose your connection at any point.

    Note the following parameters:


    The version of ThoughtSpot you have on your cluster, such as 6.0 or 5.3; it is of the form 0.0.tar.gz.


    Your network hostname.

    Ask your network administrator if you do not know your hostname.


    The name of the tarball file on your local machine.

     $ scp <release-number> admin@<hostname>:/home/admin/<file-name>
  2. Run the cluster create command

    Run tscli cluster create <release-number> in your terminal.

    If you are using an s3 or GCS bucket for object storage, include the flag --enable_cloud_storage=s3 or --enable_cloud_storage=gcs.

    GCS is GCP’s object storage, and s3 is AWS’s object storage.

    $ tscli cluster create 6.0.tar.gz --enable_cloud_storage=s3
    $ tscli cluster create 6.0.tar.gz --enable_cloud_storage=gcs
  3. Fill out your specific information

    Fill out the cluster name, cluster ID, email alert preferences and the IP’s of the nodes at the prompts specified in Parameters of ThoughtSpot Installer below.

Refer to Parameters of ThoughtSpot Installer for further information. Refer to Using the tscli cluster create command to see the expected output of the install command, tscli cluster create.

Do not edit any part of the installer file except the sections specified in Parameters of ThoughtSpot Installer. If you delete colons, commas, or other parts of the code, setup may fail.

Parameters of ThoughtSpot Installer

Cluster Name

Name your cluster based on the ThoughtSpot naming convention, in the form company-clustertype-location-clusternumber. For example, ThoughtSpot-prod-Sunnyvale-12.

Cluster ID

Enter the ID of your cluster that ThoughtSpot Support provided for you. Open a ticket with ThoughtSpot Support if you do not have an ID.

Host IPs

Enter the IP addresses of all cluster hosts, in the form For example, Use spaces instead of commas to separate multiple IP addresses.

Email alerts

Enter the email addresses you would like to receive alerts about this cluster, in the form [email protected]. The address [email protected] appears automatically and should remain, so that ThoughtSpot can be aware of the status of your cluster. Separate email addresses using a space.

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