Object usage pinboard

Use the Object Usage Pinboard to understand how your ThoughtSpot users are interacting with ThoughtSpot objects such as worksheets, tables, and views.

The Object Usage Pinboard contains essential information about your data objects (worksheets, tables, views, etc.) and how users interact with them. Use this pinboard to understand what users have accessed, and to identify unused objects you can delete. For more detailed information on individual users' actions within ThoughtSpot, filter the pinboard by user from the filter bar under the pinboard name. You must have admin privileges to view this pinboard.

To view this pinboard, select Pinboards from the top navigation bar. Search for Object Usage in the Search bar, or search for the System tag.

Product Usage Pinboard

The Object Usage Pinboard contains information about the following topics:

  • Specifies what worksheets, tables, and views users search on

  • Specifies what columns in existing worksheets, tables and views users search most frequently

  • Displays monthly usage of worksheets, tables and views to help identify objects with low or no usage (Monthly Worksheet Volume, Monthly Table Volume, Monthly View Volume)

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