7.2 Release Notes

ThoughtSpot version 7.2.1.CU1 is now available.

For a complete list of issues that we fixed in the 7.2.1.CU1 release, see Fixed issues.

These release notes include information about new and enhanced features.

To see our feature deprecation plans, please see Deprecated and removed features.

7.2.1 New Features and Functionality

For the Data Engineer

OAuth for Microsoft Azure Synapse

Synapse connections now support OAuth. See Configure OAuth for an Azure Synapse connection.

SQL Server with Synapse connections

In this release, ThoughtSpot officially certifies and provides support for Microsoft SQL Server used with Synapse connections. Refer to Add a Synapse connection.

Oracle connections support Exadata and ADW

In this release, the Oracle ADW connection is renamed to Oracle. Existing ADW connections continue to work. There are now two options: Cloud for ADW connections, and On Premise for Exadata or on-prem database connections. For details, see Oracle.

Dremio connector

In this release, Dremio is a new connection type. For details, see Dremio. Dremio supports OAuth. For details, see Configure OAuth for a Dremio connection

For the IT Ops Engineer

Support for Python versions 3.6, 3.7, and 3.9

ThoughtSpot supports use of the following versions of Python 3 for deployment:

7.2 New Features and Functionality

For the Analyst

Improved import workflow for TML files

The new import workflow for importing and exporting TML files identifies errors, suggests solutions, and allows you to resolve these errors as part of the import workflow. It also has a cleaner, more intuitive UI, with separate sections for different object types.

For the Business User

UI improvement for user profile

This release improves the UI and user experience of the user profile.

Geo map support
New Zealand

We added support for regional councils, cities and districts, and postcodes, for New Zealand.


We added support for regions, municipalities, and postal codes, for Denmark.

For the Data Engineer


We added support for the following database: Impala.

Presto query engines:

In addition to the Presto query engine, you can now use Starburst and Trino query engines when you create your Presto DataFlow connection. See Presto connection reference for further details.

Azure AD OAuth for Snowflake connections

Snowflake connections now support Azure AD OAuth. For configuration details, see Configure Azure AD OAuth for Snowflake.

OAuth for Redshift connections

Redshift connections now support OAuth. For configuration details, see Configure OAuth for Redshift.

For the IT Ops Engineer

RHEL 8 support

ThoughtSpot now supports installation on RHEL 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, and 8.5. Refer to the RHEL deployment guide.

SAML assertion validity

ThoughtSpot now supports 2 methods to increase the duration of validity for your SAML assertion: the SessionNotOnOrAfter attribute and the maxAuthenticationAge parameter. You can ask ThoughtSpot to disable either one of these checks. If you use both, and either check fails, ThoughtSpot does not authenticate the user. Some IDPs do not support use of SessionNotOnOrAfter. If your IDP does not support use of SessionNotOnOrAfter, remove that attribute from your IDP assertion and ask ThoughtSpot Support to enable maxAuthenticationAge.

For the Developer

Customers embedding ThoughtSpot in software releases should continue embedding ThoughtSpot using legacy embedding tools, which remain supported in 7.x software releases. Upgrading an environment with an existing embedded solution leveraging the legacy embedded technology to SW v.7.x is supported and seamless from an embedding standpoint.

Supported Upgrade Paths

If you are running one of the following versions, you can upgrade to the 7.2.1.x release directly:

  • 7.0.x to 7.2.1.x

  • 7.1.x to 7.2.1.x

This includes any hotfixes or customer patches on these branches.

If you are running a different version, you must do a multiple pass upgrade.

First, upgrade to version 7.0.x or 7.1.x, and then to the 7.2.1.x release.

To successfully upgrade your ThoughtSpot cluster, all user profiles must include a valid email address. Without valid email addresses, the upgrade is blocked.

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