As an analyst, you create and manage worksheets for everyone in your organization. Your job is vital to your organization, and here is how you can get your users what they need:


Create worksheets to make searching your data easier. Worksheets are flat tables created by joining columns from a set of one or more tables or imported datasets.

Search Assist

Enable users to learn how to use ThoughtSpot search by creating sample queries based on your own data.

Import and export TML files

Use SpotApps to export Worksheets, Pinboards, and Answers in a human-readable format.


Use SpotApps to create and migrate collections of related pinboards, answers, worksheets, views & tables.

ThoughtSpot Modeling Language

Modify a Worksheet, Pinboard, or Answer in a flat-file format.


Use SpotIQ to gain AI-based insights into your data.

Pinboard filters

Pinboard filters allow you to apply the same filters to more than one related visualization. You can narrow the focus of your pinboard for specific purposes or audiences. You can create linked pinboard filters or selective pinboard filters.

Changing charts

You can adjust all aspects of ThoughtSpot charts to make them more useful for users: color, legends, axis, number format, and many more.


Add formulas to answers or worksheets, to perform mathematical functions, check for and replace null values, add if…​then…​else logic, and so on.

Mobile app

Access your ThoughtSpot cluster on the ThoughtSpot mobile app to search Answers and Pinboards, and create Pinboards.

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