User Adoption pinboard

Use the User Adoption Pinboard to understand how your users are interacting with ThoughtSpot, and how your user adoption is changing over time.

The User Adoption Pinboard contains essential information about your ThoughtSpot users and their adoption of the platform. Use this Pinboard to understand weekly active users, inactive users, top 10 ad hoc searchers, popular Pinboards, and so on. You must have admin privileges to view this Pinboard.

Users with admin privileges can share system Pinboards, such as the User Adoption Pinboard, with other users who do not have admin privileges. However, be aware that you may be sharing sensitive user-level information, such as the names of objects that a user accessed.

To view this Pinboard, navigate to the admin console by selecting Admin from the top navigation bar. Select User Adoption from the side navigation bar.

User Adoption Pinboard

Alternatively, search for the Pinboard on the Pinboards page.

Use the Pinboard

You can filter the Pinboard by user from the filter bar underneath the Pinboard name.

Use this Pinboard to view and analyze information about the following topics:

  • hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly active users

  • number of user actions on the Pinboards and Answers in the cluster

  • which users are most active in ThoughtSpot, and what they do

  • popular Pinboards

  • user actions in the last month

  • unused Answers and Pinboards

  • inactive users

  • users by last login, number of Pinboard interactions, number of Search interactions, and number of days logged in during the last 6 months

Best practices

The User Adoption Pinboard contains valuable information you can use to monitor and manage user consumption of the ThoughtSpot product. Follow these best practices when interacting with this Pinboard:

  • Share the User Adoption Pinboard with other ThoughtSpot champions and executive buyers in your organization. To share the Pinboard, you must search for the Pinboard from the Pinboards page. You can’t share it from the Admin Console.

    • Consider creating a dedicated group for your data leaders or champions, so you can easily share insights, such as this Pinboard, that help your teams drive adoption.

  • Spot usage trends, such as the number of users, the amount of activity, and the number and types of objects accessed over time. Use the Weekly Active Users, Daily Active Users, Hourly Active Users, and Popular Pinboards Last 30 Days visualizations.

  • Understand which actions in ThoughtSpot are most popular, using the User Actions Last 4 Weeks, Weekly User Action Group Ratio, and Weekly User Action Group visualizations.

  • Object management: view the Abandoned Answers and Abandoned Pinboards visualizations, and clean up unnecessary or unused objects.

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