ThoughtSpot on mobile devices

ThoughtSpot mobile provides access to ThoughtSpot from your smart phone, iPad, or another handheld device.

With ThoughtSpot mobile app you can discover insights in seconds, from billions of rows of data, right from the palm of your hand. You can access your ThoughtSpot cluster to search answers and Liveboards. You can also create Liveboards using existing answers and use Liveboard filters.

Starting in December 2021, ThoughtSpot rebranded pinboards as Liveboards in the Mobile app. In the browser application, ThoughtSpot made this change in release 8.4.0.sw (June 2022). For backward compatibility, we currently support internal processes and external methods that use the older naming convention.

Version 2.0 supports more features that were previously available only through the ThoughtSpot Web app, including:

For details, see Mobile release notes.


User account on a ThoughtSpot cluster

Minimum cluster version: release 5.1

Required cluster version for deep linking: release 6.3 or later

Required cluster version for drill down: release 6.2 or later

Apple iOS version 9.0 or later (iPad and iPhone)

Android 6.0 or later


v1 mobile

Home Liveboard

Add charts and tables to a customizable Home Liveboard.

Quick Share

Share KPIs and charts using iMessage, email, and Slack (supports deep linking).

Offline Exploration

Access your Home Liveboard even when you are offline.

Responsive & Interactive Experience

Tap and swipe to see chart details. Filter to pinpoint relevant insights.


Tag your favorite Liveboards and Answers for quick access.

Sharing with deep linking

Beginning with version 2.0, you can share a link to some objects in ThoughtSpot using instant messaging or email and the recipient can open the link in the mobile app or the web. If a user has the mobile app, the link will open directly in the mobile app. If they don’t have the mobile app, they are presented with the option to download it or to view it on a Web browser.

The following objects can be opened and shared on the mobile app: answers, Liveboards, and Liveboard visualizations. However, you have to use your Web browser to open or share tables, worksheets, and SpotIQ insights.

Drill down

Beginning with version 2.0, you can seamlessly and intuitively select data point(s) and drill down for more detailed information. You can also trace the drill path back and reset to the initial state.

To drill down:

  1. Tap to select a data point.

    A description of the point you selected appears at the top of the screen, and action buttons appear at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click Drill.

    A list of columns appears.

  3. Select a column to drill down on.

  4. To drill down further, tap an item on the chart, select a column to drill down on, and then click Drill.

To go back to the previous chart:

  • Tap the Revert icon revert icon.

To go back to the top level where you started your drill down:

  • Tap the Reset icon revert icon.

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