Reorder labels on the axis or legend

When there are multiple columns on the x- or y-axis or legend of a chart, you can reorder them by using the Configure Chart icon.

The order in which columns appear on the axis or legend is based on the sequence they are added. The first field is used as the primary sorting field for the chart. Adding another field adds it after the first one on the axis label or legend. If you want to change the order, you can remove the fields and re-add them in the reverse order.

This example shows you how to reorder the y-axis columns.

  1. While viewing your answer as a chart, click the chart configuration icon chart configuration icon near the top right.

  2. Under Y-axis, drag and drop the column chips into your preferred order.

    Drag and drop columns

    Your chart reorganizes itself to reflect the new label order.

    Reorder labels on your chart

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