Schema not found error with ODBC

Correct schema not found errors.

When connecting with ODBC, you need to specify both the DATABASE and SCHEMA parameters. This is true even if you do not use schema names in ThoughtSpot. If you don’t supply a SCHEMA, you get an error indicating that the schema could not be found.

The default schema name in ThoughtSpot is falcon_default_schema. To set the SCHEMA on Windows, adding a custom property with the key SCHEMA and the value falcon_default_schema.

ODBC add schema

On Linux, you can edit the properties in the odbc.ini file for the driver you are using:

Description = ThoughtSpot 64-bit ODBC Driver
Driver = ThoughtSpot
ServerList = 12345
Locale = en-US
ErrorMessagesPath = /home/admin/linux/ErrorMessages
UseSsl = 0
#SSLCertFile = # Set the SSL certificate file path. The certificate file can be obtained by extracting the SDK tarball
#LogLevel = 0 # Set log level to enable debug logging
#LogPath = # Set the debug log files path
DATABASE = # Set the default database to connect to
SCHEMA = # Set the default schema to connect to

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