Row-level security rules reference

Learn the operators and functions you can use to create rules for row-level security.

ThoughtSpot allows you to create row-level security rules using expressions. If an expression evaluates to "true" for a particular row and group combination, that group will be able to see that row. This reference lists the various operators and functions you can use to create rules.

For information on how to use the row-level security functions and operators, see About rule-based row-level security. There is a special variable, called ts_groups, which you can use when creating row-level security rules. It fetches a list of the groups that the currently logged-in user belongs to. For each row, if the expression in the rule evaluates to 'true' for any one of these groups, that row will be shown to the user.

You can also see this list of operators and examples from within the Rule Builder by selecting Rule Assistant.

You can use all the operators and functions available through ThoughtSpot to build RLS rules:

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