Using Teradata utilities

You can use the Teradata client to customize connections in DataFlow.

Follow these steps to install the Teradata client:

  1. Download the Teradata Client utility using the following link.
  2. It provides TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase__linux_x8664.<version>.tar.gz file.

  3. Extract the tar file, then it creates TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase folder

    #tar -zxvf TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase__linux_x8664.<version>.tar.gz
    #cd TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase
  4. Run setup.bat file with root privileges.

    #cd TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase
    #sudo ./setup.bat
  5. Select the option according to requirement. For TPT, select 15

  6. Verify the installation by running the tbuild command.

  7. Restart the DataFlow service.

    #tscli --adv service restart dataflow