Using IBM Db2 utilities

You can use the IBM Db2 client to customize connections in DataFlow.

Follow these steps to install the IBM Db2 client:

  1. To download the IBM Db2 client packages, Users need to have proper credentials. using the following link.

    • Open IBM Download center using below link.
    • Fill the information like below:

      • Product Selector: IBM Data Server Client Packages

      • Installed Version: Mention installed DB2 version. We are using 10.1 in this document.

      • Platform: Linux 64Bit-x86_64

  2. Select "Browse for Fixes" option and click on Continue.

  3. Select the required package and click on it.

  4. On the next screen it asks for Credentials, Please provide IBM portal credentials.

  5. Next Screen shows the options to download the package. If IBM Db2 downloaded on different server or workstation, then copy downloaded package to server where dataflow is running.

  6. Extract the v10.1fp6_linuxx64_rtcl.tar.gzfile.

    #tar –xvf v10.1fp6_linuxx64_rtcl.tar.gz
  7. It creates rtcl folder. Go to that folder and execute db2_install command.

    #cd rtcl
    #sudo ./db2_install
    • It asks for installation path to extract files for eg: /opt/ibm/db2/v10.1/

  8. After executing the command, add one user to access db2 instance.

    #useradd db2inst1
    • You need user to create db2profile file and to access db2 instance after logging into this user.

  9. After adding the user, Go to the path which you gave for installation.

    #cd /opt/ibm/db2/v10.1/instance#cd instance
    #sudo ./db2icrt -a server -s client db2inst1
  10. Add below line in user’s bash_profile from which you want to execute db2 functions.

    #vim ~/.bash_profile . /home/db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile
    • Here db2inst1 is a db2 user which you defined during installation.

  11. Verify the installation by running db2 command

  12. Restart the DataFlow service.

    #tscli --adv service restart dataflow